Wholegrain Mustard Chicken

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Wholegrain Mustard Chicken

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Beautifully light & Satisfying!

Who says you can't have your potatoes and eat them too! But like Sonia says, it's all about the portion size. Enjoy this delicious chicken dish fresh from the Strictly You Kitchen.


1/2 Medium Garlic Clove
1 tbsp Honey
1/4 tsp Dried Rosemary
1 tbsp Wholegrain Seeded Mustard
2 tsp Dijon Mustard
125g Chicken Breast
1 Medium Potato
1 tsp Olive Oil
50g of Green Beans
80g of Broccolini


In a bowl combine garlic, honey, dried rosemary, wholegrain mustard & Dijon mustard. Mix well.

Dice chicken fillet & add to mustard sauce. Stir & coat chicken well.
Cut potato into cubes & steam until tender - the quickest way is in the microwave.

Add oil to hot pan & fry the steamed, drained potato pieces with a pinch of salt, until they start to become golden. Remove & set aside.

Add chicken & sauce to the same pan.
Cook chicken until sealed & beginning to cook through - approx. 5mins.

Add beans & chopped broccolini to pan. The veg won't need long to cook & is nice with some crunch.

Reduce heat, cover & simmer for another 5 - 10mins, until chicken is cooked through & veg is as you like it. If needed, add a small dash of water to pan - covering with a lid will retain the moisture.

When cooked, return potato to pan, mix through & serve.

1 SERVING - 557 CALORIES, FAT 11.2g, CARBS 57.5g, SUGARS, 28.1g, PROTEIN 50.1g