Fun Ideas for Isolation Date Night

Fun Ideas for Isolation Date Night

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Fun Ideas for Isolation Date Night

Stuck in self-isolation with your significant other can be stressful, which can put a dampener on your love life. Spending too much time with anyone in a confined space is bound to cause conflict. Could they breathe any louder? It’s so easy to get annoyed at the little things when you’re in such close quarters, but just like it’s important to put aside some “me” time,“we” time is crucial to help to keep your relationship on track. We’ve come up with some fun ideas for date nights from home, so put the kids to bed, put on some lippy and get dressed, ready for a big night out … on the couch.

Take-Away by Candlelight

We’ll start with an easy one. As we’re not able to sit at a table in a fancy restaurant, browsing the menu like you haven’t already read it three times online and know exactly what you’re going to order, bring the fancy restaurant to your dining table. Whip out a tablecloth, grab a couple of candles and set the table – you could even make a fancy napkin rose, or a swan,or just ironed. You don’t need to cook for this one – it will feel even fancier if the food arrives ready to eat. Just plate up like you’re on MasterChef. Set aside at least an hour of no-device dinner time so you and your significant other can be truly present with each other over a delicious meal.

Duo Dessert

Prior to date night, pick a dessert that the two of you can cook together to enjoy after your meal. It will taste even more delicious knowing that you both set aside time to come together in the kitchen to create a scrumptious sweet course – just try not to fight over who gets to lick the spoon.

Game On

Once you’ve had dinner and dessert, and hopefully a glass of wine, put aside the family puzzle you’ve been working on with the kids and work on something else – each other! Charades is a classic after-dinner game, and granted, more fun with a group of friends, but put your own spin on it and make the categories all about you and your significant other. For example, act out your partner’s favourite sport or movie, and in turn they can act out your favourite meal or hobby. It’s a great way to get to know someone better, or to re-establish a deeper emotional connection, and the loser has to do the dishes.

Sweat Sesh

If you’re a couple who worked out together at the gym, or enjoyed hiking in the wilderness and can’t enjoy those activities amid the current social distancing restrictions, why not enjoy a workout together in the lounge room? Want to make it even more fun? Learn a new dance routine. With Strictly You’s at-home dance workouts, set aside some time to boogie while staying fit. When you’ve mastered the moves, don a silly outfit – 80s retro is popular– and put on a concert for the kids. Studies have shown that partners who workout together, or those who have a common fitness goal feel happier and more connected. Exercising together and motivating each other can boost the romance in any relationship – so get moving!

Movie Marathon

An oldie, but a goodie, with a twist. Pick five movies your partner hasn’t seen, and they can do the same. Write them down, then each of you can pick a movie from the list – without looking (or cheating). The films picked will be your double-feature movie night, so settle in under a cosy blanket on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. Try to find a classic, or your childhood favourites that you’d be happy to watch again. There’s something really satisfying about introducing your partner to one of your all-time fave films and watching them enjoy it as much as you do. We just hope nobody picks Titanic and The Lord of The Rings, because you’ll be in for a loooong night.

Up-Skill Each Other

Does your partner play the guitar? Have you always wanted to learn? Why not pick a hobby each of you does well and teach your significant other? It could be anything from learning a new instrument, how to cook a favourite dish, learning a foreign language, planting veggies, or how to use a computer program. Exploring new hobbies and each other’s interests is a great way to pass the time in isolation, and you’ll come out the other side with a whole new set of skills.

Arty Party

Parties with painting portraits while drinking wine have become all the rage, and you can still recreate artistic fun from home. What’s more romantic than painting your partner’s portrait? Grab some blank paper,paints, pencils or markers, pop a bottle of wine, and get creative. Set aside 30 minutes and sketch each other – we guarantee that unless you’re a pro-artist, the results will be hilarious, and laughter is truly the best medicine.