Giselle Peacock Joins Strictly You!

Giselle Peacock Joins Strictly You!

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Strictly You

Strictly You is thrilled to announce that International Dance Champion Giselle Peacock will be joining the platform this week. Along with resident choreographers, Aric Yegudkin & Masha Belash and website founder, Sonia Kruger, Giselle will present routines to members on a weekly basis.

For the past 25 years Giselle (originally from San Francisco) has devoted her life to the world of dance. Over her career she has captured many titles such as 4 time United States Champion, 2 times world representative, 2nd in the Blackpool Dance Festival and 1st in the International British Championships held in England. In addition to ballroom she has trained, studied and choreographed in various dance styles including jazz, hip hop, contemporary, modern dance, salsa, swing and lindy.

Giselle, who runs G Power Dance Fitness Studio in Sydney's North, has appeared on U.S. television dance shows such as ''So You Think You Can Dance" as a contestant (U.S) and as a Choreographer (Australia) "Dancing With The Stars", "The Secret World of Ballroom Dancing", "Superstars Of Dance", "I Can Do That" and also performed with the "Dancing With The Stars" Tour in the U.S. For over a decade, Giselle was one of the leading ladies and dance captains in the Ballroom Sensation "Burn the Floor" performing in over 40 countries including long stints on Broadway and the West-end. 

Strictly You Members will be treated to dance lessons such as the Swing, Salsa, Charleston, Samba and Lambada, learning timing and rhythms in each dance along with body movement and some fancy footwork.

Check out Giselle in action with Sonia right here!