Pregnancy and Covid-19

Medical Director
Dr Lynn Burmeister

Pregnancy and Covid-19

Pregnancy and Covid-19


By Dr Lynn Burmeister

Hello Everyone,

The Covid Pandemic has hit Australia and most fertility clinics have at this point stopped doing fertility treatments such as egg collections and embryo transfers. The main reason is not to use up hospital resources.

If you are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant we do know at this point in time that Covid-19 is not linked with an increase risk in miscarriage, congenital abnormalities and pregnant women do not seem to have an increased risk of having a more severe form of Covid infection than the non-pregnant population.

However if you have underlying medical issues such Type 1 diabetes or respiratory illness then you are at increased risk so you must take extra precautions and it is recommended that you stay at home. The Covid-19 Virus does not cross the placenta or is not transmitted in breast milk and it does not appear to cause pre-term labour.

It is strongly advised that if you are pregnant or trying to conceive you have your flu and pertussis vaccination to reduce your risk of severe infection.

The best way to protect yourself from Covid-19 infection is to stay at home if possible, hand wash regularly and cover your mouth with a scarf if you do have to go out.

If you are trying to conceive there are things that you can do naturally to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Remaining healthy during this time is essential so pack your diet with green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, garlic, onion and capsicum. Citrus fruits and berries are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which essential for creating healthy eggs and sperm.

Try and get your protein from legumes such as beans and chickpeas and quinoa. Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, chia and pumpkin seeds are great for eggs and sperm and are a great low calorie snack.

Eggs are packed with essential amino acids and choline which are important for the growth and health of your baby. Lower your intake of red meat and replace it with wild salmon and organic chicken.

It is important not to smoke when you are trying to conceive. If your partner is smoking they should stop as well. We know that smoking affects your unborn child and can cause health issues to your baby when born.  Also smoking places you at higher risk of getting a severe form of Covid-19.

Alcohol should be limited to 5 standard drinks a week when you are trying to conceive and definitely stopped once you are pregnant.

We know that exercise is an immune-boosting therapy and good for your mental health as well so you still need to keep up your exercise routine during this time and Strictly You is a perfect way to maintain your Fitness during this “Stay at Home” time.

The main thing during this time is to stay safe and look after your physical and mental health and look after your friends and family. It is a difficult time and we are all in this together.  The pandemic will be over and at the end lets be stronger and healthier than ever.

Best wishes to everyone,

Love Dr Lynn


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